How much a human being costs

The photo does not include many other organs, such as the heart ($119,000), egg cells (up to $50,000), coronary artery ($1,525), small intestine ($2,520), the skull and teeth ($1,200), the spleen ($508), the scalp ($600), the gallbladder ($1,200), the stomach ($500), the shoulder ($500) and hair (several hundred dollars).

Taking a short account, just by being a healthy person, you are worth at least $850,000. Not to mention the value of the skin, blood and eggs.

And you keep making more of some of these things constantly.

Realistically, a healthy human being is worth at least a million dollars and more.

All this makes me realize how the idea of cloning people to get “spare parts”, like in the movie “The island”, is actually very profitable.



Giuseppe Frisella

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