What I’d call Avengers: Endgame if I could rename it

They could have simply gone for the original titles, so Infinity war would have remained unchanged (plus the naming part 1), and Endgame would just become Infinity war part 2.

Or maybe they could have called it “Infinity Gauntlet”, a title that also has a lot of relevance to the plot of the movie. This name was really considered by the directors, before being replaced by “Endgame”.

There is a last and probably more interesting option.

I recently stumbled upon the image below, a hypothetical poster of an Avengers Endgame renamed “Avenge Us”, a very appropriate title that sounds much like “Avengers” and is an obvious reference to the ending of Infinity War.



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Giuseppe Frisella

I'm a curious person and I'm on Medium mainly to read and share thoughts and knowledge. I love science, especially physics and evolutionary biology.