Which movie have some one-of-a-kind feature?

Loving Vincent.

It’s about the life of Vincent Van Gogh and specifically about the circumstances of his death, but the real peculiarity is that it is a film entirely painted on canvas.

Each frame has been obtained by reworking over a thousand of his paintings, for example by changing adding parts, exchanging day for night, weather and seasons, etc…

Take a look at the trailer to better understand what I’m talking about:


Overall, the project involved 125 artists from 20 different countries, who painted a total of 65,000 frames.

Another unusual film is Buried with Ryan Reynolds, who plays an unfortunate US civilian who was buried alive by Iraqi rebels who intend to blackmail him. Using a cell phone and a few other tools, he must try to save himself before the air runs out.

The peculiarity of the film is that it takes place entirely inside a wooden coffin underground, and that Reynolds is practically the entire cast.



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Giuseppe Frisella

I'm a curious person and I'm on Medium mainly to read and share thoughts and knowledge. I love science, especially physics and evolutionary biology.