Who the next Captain America should be

Before the release of Endgame, I believed and hoped that the title of Captain America would have been passed to Bucky after the almost certain demise of Steve Rogers in Avengers 4.

The films have given us numerous clues in this regard: in the first avenger and in the winter soldier, Bucky wields the iconic shield, as well as in a deleted scene from Civil War:


It would also make sense, because Bucky has a very peculiar and somewhat similar experience to Captain America’s, and it would be his possibility of redemption. He also has the super soldier serum and a vibranium arm that suits Steve’s shield perfectly.

Now, I know that Sam is the new Captain America, and although it may be too early to even speculate about it, I think that Bucky Barnes will eventually replace him. It’ll just take a few other MCU phases to get to that point.



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Giuseppe Frisella

I'm a curious person and I'm on Medium mainly to read and share thoughts and knowledge. I love science, especially physics and evolutionary biology.